Rates & Policies
HOURS OF OPERATION: Reachable 24/7, provides service 7-days/week, all days count for advance notice.
No Parking Sign Rental, Set Up, Delivery & Pick Up – Notification Services
  • Each block faces per 3 days = $15
  • Three day minimum / After three days it goes to a second (3) day charge
Set Up Fee:
  • $20/ Per Block face thereafter
Delivery & Pick Up Fee:
  • $75/drop and $75/pick up per 3 block radius
  • $75/drop and $75/pick up additional fee for drops outside of a 3 block radius
  • $20/ per block face for non-stacked barricades at pick up (At end of shoot day, stack barricades vertically for pick up – More than one stack is fine)
Notification Letters:
OnPar does not create the letter, it is created by Production, OnPar will distribute per the city’s rules.
  • $200 notification ONLY per 3 block radius if not bundled with barricade rental.
  • $150 per 3 block radius if bundled with a barricade rental.
Additional Charges:
  • $100 additional fee for requests made 1 day prior to action needed, if request is sent before 5pm the day before.
  • $200 additional fee for requests made 1 day prior to action needed, if request is received after 5pm the day before.
  • $300 additional fee for same day service.
  • $100 additional fee for out of area (defined by OnPar as outside the city core) Examples of outside the city core: Vancouver, Gresham, Hillsboro, Clackamas
  • *L & D charges apply @ $120/barricade & $20/per laminated sign


Please fill out and submit online request form through this website and agree to the terms. On the form you have the option to either upload maps showing requested streets or fill in the online street request boxes on the form. On Par creates an estimate and emails it to the contact for review, approval and takes CC info. Upon completion of collected barricades, On Par runs the CC and emails client paid invoice. OnPar responds 7 days a week.